Thanks To All Who Participated in the 8th Annual KROC Great American Beer Challenge

There were 151 entries judged and 109 registered participants, judges, and stewards.

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Thank you for your interest in the 8th Annual KROC Great American Beer Challenge organized by KROC (Keg Ran Out Club), Broomfield, Colorado. Be sure to read the competition rules.

Thanks To All Who Participated in the 8th Annual KROC Great American Beer Challenge

Best of Show Winners

Best of Show – Beer

PlaceBrewer(s)Entry NameStyleClub
1stGreg FoleyCannatwang31A: Cannabis Beer

Winning Entries

Category 1A: Lite American Lager (1 entry)

PlaceBrewer(s)Entry NameStyleClub
1stPaul DampierMexican Lager1A: Lite American Lager

Category 1B: Standard American Lager (1 entry)

PlaceBrewer(s)Entry NameStyleClub
1stJonathan KissingerThree Frog Rest In Peace 1B: Standard American LagerWorts Of Wisdom

Category 2C: Classic American Pilsner (4 entries)

PlaceBrewer(s)Entry NameStyleClub
1stKen MorrisSassy Classy2C: Classic American PilsnerRed Earth Brewers
2ndDavid Carlberg
Co-Brewer: Greg Foley
Classique2C: Classic American Pilsner
3rdSteve SommerAmerican Pils2C: Classic American Pilsner

Category 4A: Dark American Lager (1 entry)

PlaceBrewer(s)Entry NameStyleClub
1stWallace EllisDose Of Thunder Lager4A: Dark American Lager

Category 6A: Cream Ale (8 entries)

PlaceBrewer(s)Entry NameStyleClub
1stGreg FoleyCorn Pops6A: Cream Ale
2ndKen MorrisCream Of The Crop6A: Cream AleRed Earth Brewers
3rdMike ShafferColorado Cream 6A: Cream Ale

Category 6B: Blonde Ale (6 entries)

PlaceBrewer(s)Entry NameStyleClub
1stPreston HartmanSommerbier6B: Blonde AleMile High Monks
2ndMark WojcikAmarillo Blonde6B: Blonde Ale
3rdGreg Foley
Co-Brewer: David Carlberg
Blondee6B: Blonde Ale

Category 6D: American Wheat or Rye Beer (7 entries)

PlaceBrewer(s)Entry NameStyleClub
1stDavid JohnsonAmerican Wheat 6D: American Wheat or Rye BeerYeastie Boys
2ndRobert HemphillRye Thou Shout6D: American Wheat or Rye BeerBrew Brothers of Pikes Peak
3rdJosh GivenDouble Bogey6D: American Wheat or Rye BeerRock Hoppers

Category 7B: California Common Beer (6 entries)

PlaceBrewer(s)Entry NameStyleClub
1stShawn KellerCastle Rock Common 1027B: California Common BeerRock Hoppers Brew Club
2ndRyan ThomasCommon7B: California Common BeerKroc
3rdTim ThomssenAfter Shock7B: California Common BeerLincoln Lagers!

Category 10A: American Pale Ale (17 entries)

PlaceBrewer(s)Entry NameStyleClub
1stErnie Diaz
Co-Brewer: Kelly Diaz
Satellite Session10A: American Pale Ale
2ndRyan ThomasPale10A: American Pale AleKroc
3rdGreg ToothakerPale Ale10A: American Pale AleIndian Peaks Alers

Category 10B: American Amber Ale (5 entries)

PlaceBrewer(s)Entry NameStyleClub
1stGeorge West
Co-Brewer: Alexis West
Amber10B: American Amber AleHop Barley and the Alers
2ndTracy YatesRedline American Amber10B: American Amber Ale
3rdEric KellerHeadbanger American Amber Ale10B: American Amber AleRock Hoppers Brew Club

Category 10C: American Brown Ale (6 entries)

PlaceBrewer(s)Entry NameStyleClub
1stPreston HartmanChristine’s Brown Ale10C: American Brown AleMile High Monks
2ndGeoff ShipleyBossk Brown Ale10C: American Brown Ale
3rdGeorge West
Co-Brewer: Alexis West
Brown Note10C: American Brown AleHop Barley and the Alers

Category 12B: Robust Porter (6 entries)

PlaceBrewer(s)Entry NameStyleClub
1stJoel HeadMark’s Porter12B: Robust PorterIndian Peaks Alers
2ndLarry WilliamsRobust Porter12B: Robust PorterKROC
3rdMike ShafferRobust Porter12B: Robust Porter

Category 13E: American Stout (8 entries)

PlaceBrewer(s)Entry NameStyleClub
1stJohn BoothDWS13E: American StoutBackyard Brewologists
2ndRyan ThomasStout13E: American StoutKroc
3rdLarry WilliamsAmerican Stout13E: American StoutKROC

Category 14B: American IPA (16 entries)

PlaceBrewer(s)Entry NameStyleClub
1stAndrew LowellGrizzly Bottoms IPA14B: American IPA
2ndKendall Mallon303 IPA14B: American IPAKROC
3rdTim ThomssenRecycler IPA14B: American IPALincoln Lagers!
HMBob HallIPA #214B: American IPALaramie Brew Club

Category 14C: Imperial IPA (5 entries)

PlaceBrewer(s)Entry NameStyleClub
1stMatthew EckhartOutlet IPA14C: Imperial IPA
2ndMike ShafferDouble Galaxy 14C: Imperial IPA
3rdMike FroehlichWaste Of Hops14C: Imperial IPAKROC

Category 19C: American Barleywine (3 entries)

PlaceBrewer(s)Entry NameStyleClub
1stSam FoustHoptarts19C: American BarleywineLaramieBrew.Club
2ndLarry WilliamsAmerican Barleywine19C: American BarleywineKROC
3rdMike FroehlichBarely Wine19C: American BarleywineKROC

Category 20A: Fruit Beer (9 entries)

PlaceBrewer(s)Entry NameStyleClub
1stTroy LeckBlarneys Romper, Raspberry Wheat With Lemon Zest20A: Fruit BeerBrew Brothers of Pikes Peak
2ndColin ClarkCucamelon20A: Fruit Beer
3rdTim ThomssenRaspberry Tart20A: Fruit BeerLincoln Lagers!
HMDARIAN BLACKWELLPeach Cobbler Cream Ale20A: Fruit Beer

Category 21A: Spice, Herb, or Vegetable Beer (9 entries)

PlaceBrewer(s)Entry NameStyleClub
1stTim ThomssenYou Got Peanut Butter In My Chocolate21A: Spice, Herb, or Vegetable BeerLincoln Lagers!
2ndSteve ZartmanHoney Basil Ale21A: Spice, Herb, or Vegetable BeerKROC
3rdGreg FoleyJalapener21A: Spice, Herb, or Vegetable Beer

Category 22B: Other Smoked Beer (2 entries)

PlaceBrewer(s)Entry NameStyleClub
1stJonathan KissingerSmoking Three Frogs22B: Other Smoked BeerWorts Of Wisdom
2ndKen MorrisSmoke On The Water22B: Other Smoked BeerRed Earth Brewers

Category 22C: Wood-Aged Beer (6 entries)

PlaceBrewer(s)Entry NameStyleClub
1stBrian PramovCuban Cartel22C: Wood-Aged BeerRock Hoppers
2ndMatthew EckhartWoaky Port22C: Wood-Aged Beer
3rdTerry MartinJanet The Emperor22C: Wood-Aged BeerThe Brewing Network
HMGreg Toothaker
Co-Brewer: IPAlers Barrel 15 Team
Barrel Robust Porter22C: Wood-Aged BeerIndian Peaks Alers

Category 23A: Specialty Beer (10 entries)

PlaceBrewer(s)Entry NameStyleClub
1stWilliam ReidDrift Away Vanilla Cream Ale23A: Specialty Beer
2ndBryan KeasHoppy Ending23A: Specialty BeerRockhoppers
3rdWilliam Brant
Co-Brewer: Amanda Brant
Mosaic Session23A: Specialty Beer